Create your own event:

You have complete control, because you set it up yourself. Make changes at any time. We thought of everything so you can put on the best event possible. Our event management software is powerful and easy to use.

Online registration allows patrons to fill in their own information. Think of all the time you'll save by not having to open envelopes, manually enter patron information, process checks, etc. That process is very time consumimg, prone to human error, and inflexible.

Training is minimal if any. Using our system means you can reduce staff and volunteers.

Also, you don't have to open your PayPal/merchant account reports and manually transfer the data to another record keeping systems, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Star Event Systems is a complete data management system that tracks everything your patrons purchase in their shopping cart. (PayPal PayPro or another merchant account + Authorize.net required to enable this functionality.) It stores patron info such as name and BIB number, passes purchased, competitions purchased in a relational database that can be queried for any information via our reporting engine (see Reporting below).

Sell products:

We cover all your selling needs, including DVDs and shirts.

Product listings are grouped logically into 4 categories:

  1. Passes
  2. Competitions
  3. Workshops
  4. Merchandise

Create purchase constraints, i.e. patrons can only sign up for J&J or midnight buffet if they already have weekend pass in their shopping cart. The system also allows them to enter their Strictly partner even if that partner hasn't signed up for a World Dance Registry account yet. We worked hard to give you several powerful data validation features like this to prevent errors, save you time, and let you sleep at night.

You can even use our software together with your merchant account to accept credit card / debit card payments on-site at your event easily and seemlessly during checkout. We can even provide laptops (see equipment below) for your on-site registration line to allow patrons to self-register at your event and speed up the registration line. Smaller lines = happier patrons.

2 merchant account options:

  1. Create a new, or upgrade your existing PayPal business account to Paypal PayPro for $30/month (PayPro is a merchant account and payment gateway in one)
  2. Use your existing bank merchant account and for another $15, get Authorize.net for a online payment gateway


World Dance Registry provides a comprehensive listing of dance events for dancers to peruse. Your event created on Star Event Systems give a listing on WDR is own special page plus a link for dancers to click on to get them to the secure online transaction for your event. We also provide you with a link URL directly to your secure online transaction forms that you can share via email, Facebook, or your official website.

Patrons only have to create a World Dance Registry account once. After that, they can sign up for you event again next year, or other events around the world with the same account. Your customers will greatly appreciate the convenience and lack of hassle.

Your customers will also appreciate how easy to use World Dance Registry is!


Our reports are avaiable in multiple formats including: Excel, PDF, and HTML. We use Crystal Reports for our reporting engine, which is the industry standard for creating robust and flexible reports. We have many report options, and can create custom reports to satify any request.

Just click a button to generate:

  1. List of all patrons in the system
  2. List of all patrons signed up for a competition
  3. List of all novice patrons
  4. List of financial data broken down by category along with event totals
  5. Patron receipts
  6. List of Pros with registered Am competitors
  7. Score sheets
  8. And more + custom reports available upon request


We offer computer equipment rentals to meet all your on-site registration and event management IT needs. We have laptops, servers, WiFi, fast laser printers, cables, extension cords, keyboards, mice, etc. If you need it, we probably have it. We can arrange to have your equipment shipped, or we can come and set it up for you. We can provide full service IT setup, training, and technical support for your event.