Mananging an event is easy!

  1. You go to and sign up for an account, or use a pre-existing account.
  2. Create your event, give it a name, location, date, etc. Then start entering in products and leverage features like item purchase contraints and scheduled price breaks (TODO: have an online tutorial and FAQ so is like a wiki guide to help people answer their own questions and learn how to use the system).
  3. Add staff members who will have access to Star Event Systems and use "role based security" to limit their access to only the areas that pertain to their role.
  4. Check the box for "Registration Enabled" and boom: your event page is live on!
  5. Patrons information automatically populates the database when they sign up on World Dance Registery, or you can manually enter patron data or edit their information if necessary.
  6. You can continually add information to your event or update existing information whenever you desire. YOU are in CONTROL!
  7. Generate numerous your reports at your leisure. A running log tracks any errors in the system that you can view at any time.
  8. Use this management system to setup you event for online registraion, on-site registration, quick ad-hoc changes, manage competition data, print score sheets, even scoring.

- It's surprisingly powerful, and user friendly!